Collect What is Yours

When you have provided a good or service but have not been paid for your work, you feel cheated and abused.  We can help you collect the money you are duly owed and rightfully deserve.  Attorney Ladner will work hard to help you get every dime possible. We will always be straight with you about what we think your chances are for collecting the debt.

Why Hire a Lawyer for Collections?

Ladner Law Firm offers creditors something collection agencies cannot: the ability to sue. Collection agencies can make phone calls and send demand letters. But if the debtor refuses to pay, you may need to take legal action. That’s where we step in.

At Ladner Law Firm, we have been helping clients in the Pine Belt and throughout Mississippi seek to recover the money they are owed. Attorney April Ladner is licensed in state and federal court, and has at her disposal a full arsenal of legal tools to collect the debt that is owed to you.

What Will It Cost? Will I Be Out More Money?

Ladner Law Firm handles most cases on a contingency fee basis, whereby you will owe no attorney’s fees unless there is a recovery. We often do not charge an hourly rate, meaning we do not get paid until you get paid.