Real Estate

Real Estate Guidance

Real estate law covers the rights to own, lease, use and enjoy land and the buildings and other structures attached to it.  Ladner Law Firm can handle all of your real estate law needs including drafting deeds and transferring interests, loan closings and property financing, foreclosures, and landlord and tenant issues.

Many first time buyers and typical home owners are overwhelmed by all the details associated with buying or selling real estate, such as:

• Which mortgages are best for first time buyers?
• What costs are associated with purchasing or refinancing?
• How much will title insurance cost, must I have it?
• What taxes am I subject to on my real estate?
• Is PMI necessary and for how long?
• Should I get an engineers report before contract?
• Who pays the real estate broker?
• How long will the entire transaction take?

As real estate attorneys we deal with these and many other questions and concerns that you may have regarding the purchase or sale of real property.Our firm invites your inquiries and promises to treat you with the understanding and knowledge you would expect from the law firm you choose. We understand that buying or selling property is probably the biggest transaction you will ever make and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Real Estate Planning

Ladner Law Firm can help you through your real estate transaction from beginning to end — answering your questions and protecting your interests. Experience counts, so put our experience on your side. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, apartment, or condo we can assist you.

• If you’re a first time buyer
• Refinancing
• Residential purchase or sale of condo apartments, house or townhouses
• Preparation and filing of MS deeds
• Purchase or sale of commercial buildings
• Preparation and processing of MS commercial leases
• Preparation and processing of office lease contracts
• Preparation and processing of real estate contracts
• Representation for sale of foreclosure homes

Expert Advice

When making a decision as important as buying or selling a home make sure you have the right professionals on your side. You need experienced real estate attorneys to handle every issue that may arise in a competent manner.

Ladner Law Firm will ensure that you thoroughly understand all information regarding your real estate transaction so that you can make the best decisions. When you seek experienced legal advice, contact the office of Ladner Law Firm today for a consultation to address your legal concerns.